Spiritual Psychology of Dr. James Martin Peebles by Linda Pendleton

Dr. James Martin Peebles was born in Vermont in 1822 and died in Los Angeles in 1922, days short of his one hundredth birthday.   He was a minister, physician, prolific author, leading Spiritualist, and world lecturer and traveler.  Since his death he communicates from the other side.

Dr.  Peebles' spiritual psychology is composed of simple and basic truths which can be easily incorporated into one's life. At times it can have a profound affect and be very significant to one's personal journey. His teachings can be used in our everyday lives with ease and success.

For many, his teachings have been inspirational and life-changing. The mail that we have received from the readers of To Dance With Angels has overflowed with such stories. His spiritual philosophy is built on these three great principles, along with what he calls the illusion of separation and fear of intimacy.

In the words of Dr. Peebles, "Each of you have come to Earth for a specific reason. It is there on Earth, a classroom of learning, that you study the illusions of separation: separation from God, separation from others, separation from all of life, and separation from your very own soul. The lessons are  not easy on the Earth school and many find it difficult to break through  the illusion which exists in the mind and to discover that it is just  that—an illusion."

In my newer book, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, The Spiritual Psychology of the Grand Spirit Dr. Peebles, I asked Dr. Peebles about this illusion of separation and he replied: "It is a study of love. In order to understand that you carry with you only an illusion of separation, to reach that spiritual truth, you have to first allow yourself to love God and then to love yourself. Only then, when you are comfortable with the truth of that love, can you then reach out to life around you. Earth is a also a school of relationships, with yourself, with others and with all of life. But in order to understand those relationships you must understand that separation does not exist.  It is only an illusion of the mind...Never are you alone, never are you unloved."

Excerpts from Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom by Linda Pendleton:

"It is such a paradox that since ancient time, man's innate drive has been to achieve intimacy, yet, it is his greatest fear. In order to achieve intimacy, one has to release fear. One has to learn to appreciate the diversity, the differences, which are so much a part of life—whether it be a diversity of thought, likes or dislikes, or religious ideals, or social and cultural differences. In allowing those differences in another, whether it takes place within your own family, or within your community, your country, or the world, moves you one step closer to embracing true intimacy. In order to achieve intimacy, one only has to open their heart to receive the echo of another. When two or more are gathered—intimacy can take place. But it only takes one to understand.  If you open yourself to intimacy, then no matter what the response or the echo that comes back to you, intimacy has been achieved." –the  grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

"Love has the power to squelch hate."
–the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

"Intolerance is based on fear. Nothing else." –the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

"We, in the spirit world, rejoice when we are able to give guidance. We are always available to assist you on your journey, to present a point of view which may enable you to see more clearly, to reassure you that you are not alone, especially at your darkest moments. All you have to do is call upon us, the angels, the messengers, whose pleasure it is to convey to you the love of God. For myself, Dr. Peebles, it is my greatest joy and pleasure to commune with you. I present to you the wisdom and often, the humor, which in some way, may make your journey to the heart and soul a little easier, a little lighter. It is an honor for me to be joined by the others on this side, and to be able to bring forward to each of you our spiritual psychology. Embrace the principles and you will embrace love. Embrace love and you will know God. Know God and you will know All." –the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom 

"If one believes at the heart level, at the conscious level, that one is a spiritual being, then one believes there is no death. So why do you mourn for your loved ones? It is because of the illusion that they are no longer with you. Yes, they are not there in the physical sense, but their soul is very much with you, no matter where they reside." –the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

"If one believes that he alone creates his life, all his experiences, his thoughts, his actions—and reactions—and takes full responsibility for that, then he can never be a victim. Fear, resentment, anger and hate fall away like the petals of a daisy caught up in the wind." –the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

"As you welcome change, as the creator that you are, you have the ability to move with that change in whatever way you wish. If you deny it, you will have pain. You will feel victimized, helpless. But if you embrace it then you have the opportunity to have a creative dance with it. And in that creative dance you can mold it, fashion it, to your own liking.  If you want it to be an opportunity for new experiences, so be it. If you want it to be adventurous, so be it. If you want it to be mysterious, so be it. And if you want it to be denied, so be it. It is your ballet slippers that move across the stage, it is your melody that is strummed on the musical instruments, and it is your audience who experiences your song and dance. You are the choreographer, the composer, the arranger, the director. It is your show and you decide how you want to present it. But might I suggest, dear friends, that you hold no expectations of how others will receive it—just present it with an open mind and loving heart. And present it with joy!" –the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

"Enflower the pathway of humanity with the beautiful in life;
plant gardens of love in unhappy bosoms."
–James Martin Peebles, 1869

"Life is a joy, especially as you surrender to the delightful
opportunities for growth, each and every day."
–the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, To Dance With Angels

"Guilt drives people to be deaf, dumb and blind to their own drives, hopes and fears, and wants,
bias and prejudices therein." –the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, To Dance With Angels

"Life is a pilgrimage; let us kindly help each other along the tiresome journey; for soon, perhaps, shall we put our sandals off, and lay our weary burdens down by the cypress-trees that shade Death's peaceful river. And when that tremulous hour comes, as it must to each and all, precious will be the memories of kind words spoken, and the good that we have done." –James Martin Peebles, 1880, Immortality

My Biography of Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922) at my website, To Dance With Angels.

Dr. James Martin Peebles, (1822-1922)

Dr. James Martin Peebles, (1822-1922)