Signs and Symbols From the Other Side by Linda Pendleton


We  live in a magical and mystical universe and our very existence is  fashioned by that reality. One of our most troubling every day fears is  that we are alone and sometimes isolated not only from others but from  ourselves. Why is that? You and I are spiritual beings and at times it  seems we forget the reality of that.

An  awareness of a loving overshadowing presence which accompanies our  every movement through life can profoundly influence our perceptions of  who we are, where we are and what we are.

Angels  come in all shapes and sizes, and they may connect with us in our  dreams, in "person," in our thoughts, in our intuition, with that gentle  touch of comfort, by calling out a warning of danger. They probably  will not be that winged creatures of the imaginations of the master  artists, but they may come in the guise of a beautiful butterfly which  serves as a reminder of the beauty surrounding us, it may be the hand  that reaches out to touch us with love, the inner-voice which guides us,  the warmth which may surround us at sorrowful moments, the vision of a  beautiful being of light standing before us, a deceased loved one giving  us a word or a smile of reassurance, the feeling of connection with the  beauty of a blooming wildflower standing alone in a lush mountain  meadow, the deep compassion we see in the eyes of another, the awe as we  stand on a mountain top and gaze down to the green valley below, the  movement of billowy clouds in the deep cerulean blue sky, the intense  colors of the rainbow as rain softly falls upon our face, the sweet  music that resonates within us, and the whispers of love which gently  brush our minds.

Intuition can be a guiding force in our daily  lives if we learn to trust and acknowledge it. Intuition is considered  by many to include messages from our spirit guides or angels. This is  one way they communicate with us. They send us information, such as  guidance or warnings, in this manner.

Our angels do their best to  communicate with us, and often the messages they give to us may be  subtle and unrecognized. Too often we write them off as our imagination  or as mere coincidences.

Angels appear in Christian, Jewish, and  Islamic tradition. Historically, the most well-known of the angels are  the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Michael seems to be  the best known and Western tradition acknowledges him. He is the one  who appeared to Moses in the Old Testament...the fire in the burning  bush, to have rescued Daniel and buddies from the lions, among other  contacts.

Gabriel was also very busy and a frequent visitor  during the recorded biblical times, and also is important to Islam, in  which he is considered the Spirit of Truth.

There are several  other angels considered to be of the highest order, but most of us would  not have contact from the highest angels but from other angels who are  around us to inspire and guide on a daily basis while here on our  earthly journey.

When I write of angels and guides, I also  include in the "label" those loved ones of ours who have passed from  their terrestrial life into their nonphysical life on the Other Side.  I've learned that consciousness lives on after the loss of the physical  body. In other words, the personality of a grandmother that we knew well  prior to her death, still exists. She exists as a spiritual being. She  was a spiritual being while on earth, and is presently a spiritual  being. The same as you and me. We are all spiritual beings.

So  one has to learn to be open and receptive to spirit communication as at  times it may come as softly as a feather floating through the air, or as  quietly as a whisper.

There are several ways to become more  receptive and one is to clear your mind at times. Allow yourself a  little time alone, maybe a few minutes of relaxation, of meditation, or  prayer. Find yourself a quiet spot alone, turn off the cell phone, and  if necessary let someone know you need some privacy for a while. The  ideal alone time will clear and open your mind to receive messages that  your loved ones and your angels are waiting to present. It became my  practice to surround myself with light and to give a short prayer asking  only for guidance and communication of pure love and of the highest  good, whenever I speak to spirit. If you are comfortable in doing that,  please do so.

Another way to become more receptive may be to sit  quietly with paper and pen and make notes of possible messages that  come your way. Ask your angel or angels to communicate with you. Ask a  question and listen for the answer. Write down on the pad what you  believe you've heard. Don't question it at the time. Let the thoughts  flow freely. If those thoughts are infused with symbols of some kind, write them or sketch them the best you can. If you do receive a message  or a symbol but are unsure of its meaning, ask your angels, "What are  you telling me?" Hopefully you'll receive additional information which  will make their message clearer for you, and you may have a confirmation  within a few days.

It seems for me confirmation can sometimes  come in "threes." I may hear it for the third time, even from different  sources. Does that happen for you?

"Everything we call a trial, a sorrow, or a duty;
Believe me, that Angel's hand is there, the gift is there,
and the wonder of an overshadowing presence."
    ~Fra Giovanni (1435-1515), Italian Scholar, Architect

An  overshadowing presence. We are not alone. And once you believe that,  and believe you are a spiritual being, and acknowledge you are loved and you are love, you will learn to reach for your angel's hand, and you will recognize it is there. Yes, you will know.

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