Truths and Other Truths: A Comparison of Channelings from Spirit Guides by Linda Pendleton

Are you among the eighty-two percent of  Americans who believe in an afterlife? In recent times, the numbers have  been increasing for those who believe they have had communication from a  loved one on the Other Side.

And what about angels and spirit  guides? Nearly eighty percent of Americans believe in the existence of  angels as messengers of God, and nearly half believe they have their own  guardian angels or angels. Are you aware of your angel or guide? If so,  do you communicate or receive signs from them?

It would seem the  religious/spiritual instinct is innate within humankind, as though a  template for the experience had been programmed into our genetic  structures that govern human expression. Within the innate religious or  spiritual instinct are experiences that might be classified as  miraculous. But, are many of the events or experiences actually miracles  or no more than ordinary occurrences?

Reports of extraordinary  and astonishing events attributed to a supreme being or a divine power  will be found in virtually every world religion, every culture, and  probably within every human mind from primitive times right up into the  modern age. Many cultures do not regard miracles or paranormal events as  anything extraordinary but merely the natural workings of a natural  world. Most cultures who share that idea have well-formulated spiritual  beliefs that have been carried forward from generation to generation,  throughout history, and many of these cultures have evolved highly  sophisticated belief systems.

When one reads the history of  cultures, it is very apparent that there has always been a “knowing”  within mankind that evolves into understandings that we are, indeed,  spiritual beings and that life does not end with the death of the  physical body. Mankind has always looked to the heavens in a search for  answers. I have often wondered why that is and the answer I have come up  with is, no matter our religious upbringing or belief system, we have  an innate knowledge within, a knowledge that we are much more than a  physical body having a life experience. We are temporarily using a  physical body for an ongoing spiritual life.

So in taking those  ideas of an innate spiritual connection it should appear absolutely  normal for one to have communication with the Other Side, with angels,  spirit guides, and loved ones who have left this physical dimension.

Channeling  spirit is the receiving of messages from the Other Side – the spirit  world, through the various classic psychic avenues such has mediumship,  trance-channeling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and  intuition. The receiver is an open line, a conduit, similar to what one  could consider an open telephone line or radio receiver. Although  channeling or mediumship has always been with us, in recent years it has  gained more attention through various movies, literature, and  television shows, featuring psychic mediums such as John Edward, James  Van Praagh, Char Margolis, Rosemary Altea, and others.

Shirley  MacLaine was one who helped to get the idea of mediumship, past lives,  and even UFO phenomena, out of the “psychic closet” and into the  mainstream with her book, Out On a Limb, the resulting movie and other  books, and her many television appearances. Even though there were often  overdone jokes about her spiritual experiences, it did open the  “closet” door, and for many, it was a “new” look at what was  possible—and within the norm of the human experience.

We all have  intuition, and for some it is more pronounced, such as it might be with  the aforementioned psychic mediums. But all of us have the capability  of communicating in various ways with those on the Other Side.  Sometimes, all it takes is trusting in our intuition and being open to  the possibility of contact.

I’ve put together a collection of  quotations from various spirit guides through their channels/mediums. It  is very noticeable how they “ring” of similar ideas, wisdom, and  truths.

Probably of these listed spirit guides or the mediums  who work with them, it would be Edgar Cayce who probably stands out as  the most profound and the “clearest connection” to information coming  from the Other Side.

I have noticed that many people either began  or enhanced their spiritual journey by reading the fascinating story of  Edgar Cayce and his psychic gift, There is a River, The Story of Edgar  Cayce, written by Thomas Sugrue, and published more than sixty years  ago.

Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., best-selling author and  frequent guest on Oprah, had this to say about Cayce: "The story of  Edgar Cayce has inspired me from the time I was 12 years old. As one of  the first well-studied medical intuitives, his work and his life helped  blaze the path for the future of medicine."

Not only did he blaze  the path of future medicine, but he gave understanding and acceptance  of mediumship, and also of reincarnation, as his readings focused very  much on past lives. And with his work in that area, and several other books written about him, he awakened America to reincarnationist  thought.

"The Three Principles: Loving Allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, beginning with yourself.
Increased Communication with all of life everywhere and with respect.
Self Responsibility, for you are the eternal creator, never the victim.” –Spirit Guide, Dr. Peebles

"For, each soul enters with a mission . . . we all have a mission to perform.” –Mediumship of Edgar Cayce

“Each  of us has the opportunity to consciously decide who we wish to become  as well as how long it's going to take us to get there.”–Mediumship of  Edgar Cayce

“Mankind is growing beyond many of its leaders in  willingness to find alternate solutions, alternates to war that is.  Meaningful understanding between polarized religious systems and  compassion has become imperative. And, bridges between the modern world  and the third world countries must be built: in education, technology,  science, delegating food sharing without (economic) financial  motivation, and finally medical sharing that is sincerely caring for  one's fellow man.” –Spirit Guide Gilgamesh of the Understanding Ones,  Shawn Randall

"A journey into the NEW is always a journey into more of YOU."–Spirit Guide Torah, Shawn Randall

“When  love is received and given freely without expectation or limitation  there is a continual flow of the Source. Therefore, fear cannot exist.  Fear is the polarity of love and cannot occupy the same space with love.  When there is no fear or expectations or limitations (i.e., control),  there can be no sense of loss or pain. Love respects free will. When all  you feel is love and you DO give it to others, you are giving love to  yourself, and vice-versa.” –Spirit Guides The Elohim with Dr. Peebles,  E. Nora Amrani.

"Process is simply the amount of time for some  reason you deem it necessary to take until you finally give yourself  permission to see the obvious." –Spirit Guide Bashar, Darryl Anka

“Create  the effect of being happy, and you will attract into your lives all of  the causes to support the happiness you have created...just because you  want to. And just because you say so. Because you are the creators of  your reality, there doesn’t need to be any other why or how. What you  say goes!” –Spirit Guide Bashar, Darryl Anka

“You have free will,  and you can create any reality you desire; that is being made in the  image of God. Act as such and you will have heaven on your  Earth–guaranteed.” –Spirit Guide Bashar, Darryl Anka

“Nothing can  match or even come near the miracle of who you truly are. Let this be  the mantra of your life. A Being of Indescribable wonder has, has again,  become a bearer of the Light on Earth. Let nothing dissuade you from  this truth.” –Spirit Guide Emmanuel, Pat Rodegast

“Come home to  your Selves. The journey is no more than a breath in time, no more than a  heartbeat in distance.” –Spirit Guide Emmanuel, Pat Rodegast

“Every  moment of your life you are offered the opportunity to choose–love or  fear, to tread the earth or to soar the heavens.” –Spirit Guide  Emmanuel, Pat Rodegast

"You must learn to listen to the voice of the inner self and work with it." –Spirit Guide Seth, Jane Roberts

"You  create your reality according to your beliefs and expectations,  therefore you should examine these carefully. If you do not like some  aspect of your world, then examine your own expectations." –Spirit Guide  Seth, Jane Roberts

“Choice is focused intent, and as such, it is  critical to changing intent and thus the function and form of energy.  It is critical to changing action and image. Choice is essential to all  learning.” –Spirit Guide Lazaris, Jach Pursel

“In order to  understand that you carry with you only an illusion of separation, to  reach that spiritual truth, you have to first allow yourself to love God  and then to love yourself. Only then, when you are comfortable with the  truth of that love, can you then reach out to life around you.” –Spirit  Guide Dr. Peebles, Linda Pendleton

“Never be afraid. The  greatest enemy of humanity is fear. Be confident in the love and wisdom  of God, and remember if you go into shadow, darkness will not touch you  if you are radiating light.” –Spirit Guide White Eagle, Grace Cooke

“Three  things: You ask; the Universe gives; you let in. That's all there is to  it. And if you're not living it, it's not because you're not asking.  You are. And it's not because the Universe is not yielding. It is. It's  because you are not in the receiving mode.” –Spirit Guide Abraham,  Esther Hicks

“We are here to remind you that pain and fear are  not the only methods of growth; that you can more elegantly grow through  joy and love. . . that you can create your own reality . . . that there  is a God/Goddess/All That Is who loves you, who knows your name. . .  and that you love good enough.” –Spirit Guide Lazaris, Jach Pursel

“No  longer technicians, you are the masterful magicians of the current and  future age, the masterful magicians of the mysteries and the mysticism.  And this is the dawning of your day. It is time to find your voice and  then to lift that voice, heroic, lyrical, or celestial, so that you can  be that your world can hear you. It is time to rise to the  new dawn. Oh, we love you; we love you so.” –Spirit Guide Lazaris, Jach  Pursel

“Humanity is gradually moving beyond the narrow concept of  isolationism and secular ‘religion’ into the expanded and cohesive  truth of spirituality whereby you turn inward and connect to your own  Divine Source for Creator truth and universal laws to guide you, instead  of turning to someone you think is more knowledgeable and powerful than  you.” –Archangel Michael, Ronna Herman

“What gives you your  Divine essence is that you have the freedom to embrace and experience  whatever thoughts you desire. And that divine essence, called free will,  is love. It is the gift of love from God to each of you. Each of you  has the divine essence of will so that you have the freedom to create  uniquely whatever ideal you envision through thought.” –Spirit Guide  Ramatha, J.Z. Knight

“You did not come to earth to become  perfect. You came to the earth to stop condemning yourself for not being  perfect.”–Spirit Guide Dr. Peebles, Athena Demetrios

“There's no  higher energy or power on Earth than you. There's no higher power or  energy in the Universe than what exists and flows through you in a  divine way.” –Spirit Guide Kryon, Lee Carroll

“You are never  separate dear ones from the source of love, abundance, and joy. It is an  illusion that you could ever be separated from your angels or God. You  are like drops of water in an ocean, part of something so much greater  and yet individual as well.” –The Angels, Ann Albers

“If one  believes that he alone creates his life, all his experiences, his  thoughts, his actions—and reactions—and takes full responsibility for  that, then he can never be a victim. Fear, resentment, anger and hate  fall away like the petals of a daisy caught up in the wind.” –Spirit  Guide Dr. Peebles, Linda Pendleton

“The entire universe is a  loving and living experience of divine thought...a fabric that is  intermeshed with all things.” –Spirit Guide Dr. Peebles, Thomas  Jacobson, To Dance With Angels

"Allow your fear, if only for a  moment. Acknowledge the fear that the terrorists have created in you,  and move through it, and then let it go, and know that there is nothing  to fear. As you move within your own mind, and move to understand that  separation is the factor that motivates fear, then you can recognize  that you are never alone, and are never the victim, unless you choose to  be a victim.” –Spirit Guide Dr. Peebles, Linda Pendleton

“As you  welcome change, as the creator that you are, you have the ability to  move with that change in whatever way you wish. If you deny it, you will  have pain. You will feel victimized, helpless. But if you embrace it  then you have the opportunity to have a creative dance with it. And in  that creative dance you can mold it, fashion it, to your own liking. If  you want it to be an opportunity for new experiences, so be it. If you  want it to be adventurous, so be it. If you want it to be mysterious, so  be it. And if you want it to be denied, so be it. It is your ballet  slippers that move across the stage, it is your melody that is strummed  on the musical instruments, and it is your audience who experiences your  song and dance. You are the choreographer, the composer, the arranger,  the director. It is your show and you decide how you want to present it.  But might I suggest, dear friends, that you hold no expectations of how  others will receive it—just present it with an open mind and loving  heart. And present it with joy!” –Spirit Guide Dr. Peebles, Linda  Pendleton

“Peace and healing will come when you take action to  diminish the illusion of separation within the self. Only then.” –Spirit  Guide Dr. Peebles, Linda Pendleton

“Find something to feel good  about and get out of the way, and allow the cells to receive what  they’ve been asking for. That is the key to healing.” –Spirit Guide  Abraham, Esther Hicks

“You can’t fill up anyone else’s cup until yours is runneth over.” –Spirit Guide Dr. Peebles, Summer Bacon

“You  are spirit. The real you, the consciousness, is spirit. As you  strengthen this realization through meditation and worship of your  Creator your spirit will begin to dominate the physical atoms, until  your body becomes irradiated with life, and every particle obeys the  direction of spirit, the real you.” –Spirit Guide White Eagle, Grace  Cook

“You are Beings who intend to come forth and to continue to  expand and grow and change. What is the perfect age? 'Well, it is the  age where I finally understand my freedom, and I finally understand that  I am free to create, and it’s the age that I am at my most beautiful.’  And we say, by whose standard? In other words, who gets to decide the  perfect age? And we say, rather than determining what the perfect age  is, why not decide what the perfect state of being is–and then discover  that you can find the perfect state of being at any age.” –Spirit Guide  Abraham, Esther Hicks

“Pain is a divine messenger. Your soul  calls upon pain to help you locate your resistance to this and to that.”  –Spirit Guide Dr. Peebles, Athena Demetrios

"Your thoughts are  powerful creators, and your words are even more powerful than your  thoughts, but your actions are more powerful than your words or your  thoughts." –Spirit Guide Abraham, Esther Hicks

“To increase your  connection to your guide, you can consciously think of your guide or  your guide’s name. You need not do more that [than] this to bring your  guide’s light and love to you. You can also learn to call in your guide  for brief moments by closing your eyes and asking for guidance and  getting simple yes or no impressions instantly. You can do this whether  you are standing in the grocery store line, driving your car or walking  down the street. You can bring the essence of your connection to your  guide through at any given time for however long you want–be it thirty  seconds or three minutes. This type of connection does not need to be a  lengthy one.” –Spirit Guides Orin and DaBen, Sanaya Roman and Duane  Packer

"Every decision you make—every decision—is not a decision  about what to do. It’s about Who You Are. When you see this, when you  understand it, everything changes. You begin to see life in a new way.  All events, occurrences, and situations turn into opportunities to do  what you came here to do.” –Spirit Guide “God,” Neale Donald Walsch

"Death is only passing through God's other door." –Edgar Cayce

Copyright 2008, 2016 by Linda Pendleton.