Belief in an Afterlife by Linda Pendleton


Are  we witnessing a dramatic breakthrough in the spiritual awareness of the  peoples of this world? All the credible evidence seems to be pointing  unmistakably in that direction. Though many accounts of seemingly  miraculous events are being brought forward with no hard data to  unequivocally prove their reality, reasonable people must be somewhat  impressed by the growing number of professionals in the scientific  community who have been inspired to research and report on these  matters. If this is in any way able to clear out the common dogmatic  assumptions of our time, then we have to consider this process as  strongly positive and inspirational. If the paralysis of spiritual  awareness which has characterized twentieth century science is now  beginning to yield to new paradigms as we move forward into the  twenty-first century, then these new movements in science can only give  hope and encouragement to us all, and ultimately a better understanding  of the cosmic significance of life itself.

I've been especially  heartened by the brilliant work that has been accomplished by  professionals such as Elisabeth Kübler-Ross; Bernie Siegel; Raymond  Moody; Ian Stevenson; Brian Weiss; John E. Mack; Deepak Chopra; Melvin  Morse; Larry Dossey, Richard Gerber; O. Carl Simonton; Rupert Sheldrake;  Edger Mitchell; and the many others who have courageously stepped  forward beyond the confines of traditional medicine and physics and into  the light of spiritual awareness to fashion a strongly holistic view of  the human situation. This may give us all permission to take a closer  look at the everyday realities of our spiritual universe.

The  bridges across the flowing stream of eternal life may sometimes be more  inferred than apparent–a movement more of soul and heart than of body  and mind. Is a piano or violin more real than the melody it produces  simply because the instrument may be touched, taken apart and examined  while the melody which defines its existence lingers only in the mind  once the instrument is silenced? Is a life experience more real only  because science may examine it or does a finer essence produce its  melodies and define its existence?

This flowing stream which is  life in continual expression throughout the universes is both the  instrument and the melody, the cause and the effect, the song and the  singer. One may not be divorced from the other because it cannot exist  without the other.

Studies  have shown that the majority of widows and widowers have had visionary  contact with deceased spouses and, in some cases, the contact has  continued for years though it is most common for it to occur in the  first year or so after death. The same holds true for parents who have  lost children. Both groups, for the most part, have found these visions  to lessen grief and bring comfort.

It has been reported that  fifteen million people have had after death communication. That is more  than the population of the three largest U.S. cities: New York City, Los  Angeles, and Chicago. That's a lot of people.

Have you had an  experience in which you’ve been given a sign you are not alone, but are  surrounded by those who reside in the world of spirit, such as your  angels, your spirit guide or, joyously, a dear departed loved one?

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s written words said it well when he expressed the precious  mystical sense of the bond that exists between the physical and the  nonphysical worlds. But when we realize, or actually, remember, that we  are spiritual beings, here in the physical as well as are those who have  left this physical dimension. We are one and the same, whether here or  there.

Dostoevsky referred to the bond between worlds as a  ‘living bond.” I would like to think of it as a “loving bond.” I have  learned and have come to believe that love lives on after the shedding  of the physical body.

I think I have always believed it, but in  my research of paranormal areas such as near-death experiences, spirit  communication, and even past life research, the idea of love  never-ending has been greatly reinforced as a result.

The  precious mystical sense is what I would tag as intuition. I believe we  have an innate knowing that we are here in this physical dimension for  the time being, but have a strong connection to our real home, and that  is the other dimension, the Other Side, heaven, or whatever you choose  to call it.

The  beautiful Joseph Campbell, in discussing death in The Power of Myth  said, "I've lost a lot of friends, as well as my parents. A realization  came to me very, very keenly, however, that I haven't lost them. That  moment when I was with them has an everlasting quality about it that is  now still with me. What it gave me then is still with me, and there's a  kind of intimation of immortality in that."

If we hold the belief  that we are spiritual beings, then the idea of continued communication  after one leaves the physical body should come as no surprise. When it  happens, in whatever form it takes, such as a vivid dream, an  apparition, a voice we hear, the feeling or knowing of the physical  presence of our loved one, a telepathic exchange of thought, the aroma  of a fragrance related to our loved one, or many of the subtle modes of  communication between one spirit (a loved one) who resides in another  dimension and another spirit (you) earthbound, we should consider it to  be a normal part of our nature.

Spirit communication serves to  expand our knowledge of who we are. We are spiritual beings of light and  that fact is apparently enhanced and fully understood when we make our  transition to the Other Side.

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Copyright Photograph by Linda Pendleton, Owens River, CA