"You are never alone, you are always loved, and you are very much a part of the world of Spirit."
~Linda Pendleton  

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More  than thirty years ago, my husband Don Pendleton and I had the  opportunity to meet Dr. James Martin Peebles, a fascinating and loving  spirit, who left this earth in 1922, a few days short of his one-hundredth birthday.

As a result of our meeting with spirit as  channeled through trance medium, Thomas Jacobson, we soon knew we had  to write a book about communication with the spirit world.

In  1990, our book, To Dance With Angels was published. Don and I both felt  we had been given a gift in our opportunity to share the world of spirit  with Dr. Peebles, and in turn, to share him and his spiritual psychology  with the world. And readers continue to enjoy and be inspired by our  book. I published a follow-up book with Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of  Angelic Wisdom, and recently published an e-book and an audiobook  edition of To Dance With Angels after nearly thirty years since it  first appeared in print on bookshelves.

Over these last decades  much of my writing has been in the area of spiritual and inspirational  books, e-books, articles and blogs.

Enjoy the dance of Light and Love!
Linda Pendleton

About Me


Linda Pendleton has had a life-long interest in metaphysics, the paranormal, and Spirituality.  She has written a number of nonfiction books and articles related to those interests.  She is also a novelist, and writes mysteries, historical, and suspense thrillers.  She has adapted and scripted Comics. Linda is the mother of a daughter and son, grandmother to four, and great grandmother to three girls, and another great-grandchild on the way.  She love writing, research and family genealogy.  She lives in California with her Ragdoll cat, Max.  

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Spiritual Psychology

Dr James Martin Peebles

 Dr. Peebles' Three Spiritual Principles

"Loving Allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, beginning with your self.
Increased Communication with all of life everywhere and with respect.
Self Responsibility for you are the eternal creator, never the victim."

"We,  in the spirit world, rejoice when we are able to give guidance. We are  always available to assist you on your journey, to present a point of  view which may enable you to see more clearly, to reassure you that you  are not alone, especially at your darkest moments. All you have to do is  call upon us, the angels, the messengers, whose pleasure it is to  convey to you the love of God. For myself, Dr. Peebles, it is my  greatest joy and pleasure to commune with you. I present to you the  wisdom and often, the humor, which in some way, may make your journey to  the heart and soul a little easier, a little lighter. It is an honor  for me to be joined by the others on this side, and to be able to bring  forward to each of you our spiritual psychology. Embrace the principles  and you will embrace love. Embrace love and you will know God. Know God and you will know All."
–the grand spirit, Dr. Peebles, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom by Linda Pendleton